Available in mini and standard sizes. Styles are either 'Plain/sprinklesí, 'Custom, or 'Deluxe Gourmet'. Minimum order 2 dozen for standard, 3 dozen for mini. Filled cupcakes are extra cost).

Regular cupcakes $2.00 each for frosting finish or $2.50 each for fondant finish cupcakes.
Mini cupcakes $1.00 each for frosting finish and $1.50 each for fondant finish.

'Custom' cupcakes consist of a cake type and flavor of your choice with either a deep frosting swirl finish (in a flavor of your choice) or a thin layer of butter cream frosting covered with a fondant finish. These are then topped with custom designed and handmade personalized fondant cupcake toppers to perfectly match any possible theme and colors you can imagine.

Standard from $2.75, mini from $2.00 per cupcake. For complex designs such as shapes, numbers, initials, flowers and objects, please add $3.00 per dozen cupcakes. For filled cupcakes are $2.00 extra per dozen.

Deluxe' cupcakes consist of a cake type and flavor of your choice with a deep frosting swirl finish. They are then topped with decorations such as chocolates, caramels, nuts, or fresh fruit etc. to match the chosen flavor or colors. Finally they are finished with a drizzle of rich sauce such as chocolate, fudge, caramel, fruit coulis etc. standard $2.50, mini $1.50 per cupcake.



Cake pops are essentially cake truffles on a stick consisting of yummy moist sponge or mud cake combined with a rich butter cream or ganache; coated in a layer of chocolate. They can be customized to suit any color scheme. $1.50 each, minimum order is 24 (2 dozens).